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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 7th, 2014

Another Fourth of July passed by with out seeing a explosion of any kind...its not that important, maybe next year.  We had a good week this week, stayed busy and some what cool!  Its been super hot here, sometimes I feel like I am in Utah, that's how dang hot it is! 

Our investigators are doing good and the area is doing better and better every day!  Weird stuff happens every day, we meet some fairly odd people.  For example, today while we've been emailing on our prep-day, a guy with a legit bath towel wrapped around his head asked us if we could talk to him outside.  We did and he said some interesting things.  Then he said,"Okay lets pray and then I have to go talk to more people", what?!  Nice guy though, but for real there are some odd people out there folks!  

I've learned a few things lately, mostly just about the scriptures and the gospel. One thing is that the Gospel is simple and if we try to over complicate it then we are asking for trouble.  If we will just focus on the basics: Faith,  Repentance, and Enduring. Those things will keep us busy enough and we wont need to worry about  things like if Adam and Eve had belly buttons or any of that useless info!  If we focus on the basics of what Christ taught and we do are darnedest to follow the commandments, we will be okay!
So often we as people sick our noses in other peoples business, if we neglect to tend to our own affairs and our own lives we will find our self's always trying to measure up to some one else and then we will forget to be who God wants us to truly be.  So, be yourself. Work to become your best self and when you find a huge gap between you and perfection, use the atonement and become better every day. 

I hope you all have a great week!  Stay cool, don't touch pokey things, never stand behind an angry donkey, and make sure you don't leave your kids in the car on a hot day. Check your tire pressure weekly, drink your milk, never put a CD in the microwave and always wash behind your ears while your in the shower.  But more importantly, remember to thank God for the little things!! 

Love you all,
Elder Joshua Braman
 A deer in our back yard with a floppy ear! 
 The truck name made me laugh, thought I should show you!

 Me holding a Restoration Pamphlet in front of that sign .. 

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