Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30th, 2013

Birthday cake on my birthday spent with Brad & Mindy & their family. (cousins) 
I saw my companion from the MTC.  Love this guy

I found a fellow Minnesotan!

Well kids thanks for all the Birthday packages and letters.  I loved them all and enjoyed my b-day very much thank you, thank you all very much. It doesn't feel to weird to be 20 but its definitely weird to say I am that old... not that that is old at all but its still nuts, eh.
This has been a crazy week we had a meeting or training everyday this week so we stayed very busy and we learned allllllllloooooooooooooootttttt so it was good to get those experiences and learn from those training's.  As far as teaching this week we didn't do much cuz we were at those training's but we worked a lot with less actives and recent converts and those are always great !!!! 

I got a lot for this week so  here is the list and then at the end I will share you my big announcement/only exciting news ya see. 

Thank you to all who put confetti and glitter in my b-day boxes!  I had a good laugh and when I vacuumed it all up I got to watch a confetti tornado in the vacuum... ahhh good memories.  

We biked a TON in the rain this week at least four good down pours hit us and a few good other rain storms. 

So on Tuesday we did service with the other Elders and we were riding in a mini van and their bishop was driving to the peoples house and while we were driving a car in the other lane smoked a deer and kicked it in to our lane and as we were closing in the deer tried to get up and well lets just say we didn't have much reaction time and we totally finished that thing off!  Crazy times now!  We also got a flat tire.
The assistants to the president made me a birthday cake (we video taped this by the way) but I figured instead of getting fat from the cake might as well have some fun with it so we planned a cake to face slam dunk :) so legit.  They sang happy b day and as I blew the candle out BANG I got cake in the nose and mouth and oh boy it was great and the video turned out sweet . Best part is that it doesn't look staged at all. My reaction was pretty well the best ever and well lets just say it looked real cool like :)  

If you remember a couple emails ago when I informed you of the sad story of my eating it on my bike face first because I took a corner with no hand?   Well I have been practicing ya see and as of my last count I have taken 291 corners's with out hand and with out crashing ....(and 2 whole weeks with out crashing ) but now I have stopped counting and I am just a plain ol' pro at no handle-baring it.   In fact, no to brag but yesterday I rode three miles with a pan of hot dish in one had and and a gallon of milk in the other and I didn't touch the handle bars once ... ya I to was impressed as you were :)

On a spiritual note we were biking to go see a less active member and seriously, this is so crazy its never happened like this or this strong, but as i was going along the Spirit was like 'Turn Around Now'......so I hit the brakes turned around told my companion we need to turn around and just go.   He gave me a weird look and said okay?  I felt like an idiot but we did it.  Put it in the onions gear and cooked it.  As we were flying down the road ahead there was not a soul on the side walk so we just kept going and, long to the short, we eventually came in contact with a lady and got to talking and such.  Turns out she was looking for our number and she wants to start meeting with us again! The Lord knows whats going on he has a plan and I realized I am his instrument and there's no two ways about that.  I cant do his work by myself and he is our guide on this hunting trip ... how did ya like that one hmm ??  Oh ya, came up with that one on the spot as I was typing :) 

Well now for my exciting wild news .  President called and told us we were going on exchanges for three weeks with the Zone Leaders, so that's the rest of this transfer so technically I am not in the Pines Ward with the Reimer's any more :( I am now serving in the Painted Hills Ward.   So what does this mean for all of you?  Pretty much nothing  just send your letters to the 820 S Pines RD Ste 101.

Ya sure,  it will be a neat three weeks  & hopefully I will learn a lot! 

Well kids gotta run have a good week take her easy and stay safe 
miss ya'll!

God Bless
Elder Braman

Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23rd, 2013

No letter today, just a picture.  Elder Braman said he would be spending his time catching up on writing some personal emails so maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive one which is likely if you have written him! 

Josh celebrates his 20th birthday tomorrow (9-24)!  
Hopefully he has a wonderful day & we get to hear more about it next week. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th, 2013

Elder Wallis & Elder Braman
Josh was just made a District Leader, he is over several other groups of missionaries in his area.  
His companion is a new to the mission and Josh is training him which he has never done before. 
They are also in a new area, new to both of them.  They don't know anyone or the area at all. 
All in all, Josh has a lot of new things to learn & a lot more responsibilities! 

Well first whole week in the anew area!  Overwhelming.   Kinda not really.   Busy? TOTALLY!!
 I have never filled my planner with so many address's and names.  We have learned much and by much I mean a lot like where people live how to get around the ward boundaries  but there's still lots we need to learn spiritually and mentally.

Okay spiritual time now. 
This week I have had to rely on the lord more than ever . More times than I would like to admit I have found my self feeling overwhelmed and you could put in better terms as "stress" but the beauty of the Atonement is that the Lord can strengthen us and lift us up if we rely on him and have faith that he will. I find myself having to take a deep breath and just pause and ask for strength. It's been great though, we had more street contacts and we've met more people ready for the gospel as we rely on the Lord and not on our own wits. we are nothing mere tools in the Lords hands so we need to stop trying to control this ride and let him take over and run the show.  I think that Carry Underwood says it best when she says "Jesus Take The Wheel".  I tell ya what that's no joke ya see, because I've noticed the more I use that theory the better the work goes.   Well kids that's the lesson I have learned this week hope you got something out of it,  if not then at least you got to listen to me ramble on .......... 

I only had two crashes this week the first was totally me being me .. stupid ..... any how my last word were "dude watch I'm gonna take this corner with out hands" (btw i did it like 9 times successfully) the next thing that happened was my noggin eating pavement and my back tire was sky high but all is fine and no major injury's.  

Second crash.  Well a miss placed telephone pole on the edge of the side walk jumped out and bit the edge of my handle bar and I was then laid out in some nicely manicured lawn. Still some how I walked away injury free.  Yay! 

Well, I am an old man now .. almost 20... jeepers!!   I feel so old just thinking about it. 
I had a good week and hopefully I will have another one!
Thanks for all the letters and emails, love them! 
Have a good week!
 Miss ya'll, love ya!

God Bless!
 Elder Braman  

Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9th, 2013

Hi Family and People! 
Transfers came and went, DUN DUN DUN!   I am sweep training and I am going to be a district leader, that means I am being white washed in to the Pines Ward and I am getting a brand new Missionary!  I get him on Tuesday so I have no idea who he is yet but he is just a baby (brand new missionary) so that will be neat ... my first son. (mission lingo )  

Between a new missionary and a new area and new responsibility's the next six weeks will either be hard and go by slow or by my predictions, super fast.  I am sad how ever to leave Sullivan Ward, they are awesome and have been super cool and I'll miss them.  I have family in the Pines Ward so that trumps everything!    

So there ya have it, that's my new cool super rad news, and to go with all this news and my nervous feelings sorta I have a quote to go along with it. "There's No Growth in the Comfort Zone and There's No Comfort in the Growth Zone."  So I venture to say that that means that if your comfortable then your not growing.  I am going to be out of my comfort zone so hopefully I will do some growing, too!

Well this last week has been good not much cool happened, I got to pet a real life cow that was sweet and I had some good times with my companion.  Sorry this was short but you got some cool news so be happy!
 Gotta run home and pack all my belongings!!  Keep me posted on everything! 

Love you all!
God Bless,
   Elder Braman

Pictures from Joshua 9-9-13

 Spokane Valley District hanging out on their preparation day. 
Josh's companion is the bottom left from Delta, Utah. 

 Frozen Jello.
Another one of Josh's creations.. 

 Some of his new ties.

They got two fish.  The brown one's name is cow.  
What else would Josh name it!?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013

To my fellow beings, 
This week was good and went by way to fast!  I met some Minnesotans the other day, I had said about three words and the lady asked where I was from and I had her guess and boy you guessed it, she said Minnesota!   Oddly enough she was from Grand Rapids  and she didn't even know where Milaca was so I still haven't met any one who knows exactly where I am from.

I learned a valuable lesson this week , when you have shaving cream on your ear DO NOT TRY to shave it off with the razor!  Your ear will be cut and blood will be spilled ..... so just use your finger

Another lesson I learned this week. When we as people pray we ask for many things like for the Lord to do this, or to bless us with this, or the Lord to do this's and that's.   The lesson I learned was that through faith  and asking the Lord to give you strength to over come challenges or weakness, He will strengthen you to do whatever it is you need to do ( as long as its a righteous desire).  Jesus died on the cross for each and everyone of us, Mormon and not Mormon, each of us he loves and cares for and he preformed the atonement so that each of us could repent and be clean so that we could again enter the presence of our Heavenly Father and live with him 
That is why we do missionary work , to help people access the Atonement, not to grow our churches number of members,  not for glory or for money, to help others come closer to Christ and access his atonement. 
I am doing great & loving the work.  I have a great companion and a great area unfortunately transfers are September 8th so I figure I am leaving but we will see how that works out ya see, as soon as ya get comfortable ya get transferred ... and well I am now finally comfortable so I venture to say I am leaving !

Miss you all!!
Take it easy & God Bless, 

 Elder Braman