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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6th, 2015

General Conference was so amazing!  I cant begin to tell what my favorite talks were and how the spirit helped me understand many points of truth and answered questions . 
Its amazing to even try to comprehend  how much God truly loves us and how He WANTS us to repent and come closer to Him.
My testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ has grown over the years and for me General Conference has always been a boost for me and after each one I want to be even closer to my Savoir.  I am eternally grateful to my Father and Mother for lovingly and sometimes forcefully...more like sternly teaching me the principal of watching General Conference. Oh the wisdom that is to listen to a prophet of God to teach us what we need to hear from God. Thomas S. Monson said ''When God speaks and man obeys that man will always be right '' that's pretty cool and the fact that we have the chance to listen and have instruction to help us live better lives is my favorite part!
I wrote down some questions before listening and during the conference ALL of my questions were answered!! 

 This week was great, full of meetings. We had 3 days of meetings and then Saturday and Sunday with conference
P-day (today) was intense! We climbed this huge mountain. Not only that but we climbed the shelved water falls as well, technically we just hiked up the water fall basin 

 This picture was taken where the first picture in the other email was taken, near the bottom of the picture is about 300 feet up. We climbed to the snow in to the clouds, about another 200 feet or so, a 5 hour hike easy hiking sorta, sometimes rock climbing (mom we had rope no worries).
To get to this we had to cross a river twice, there and back . The first time we stripped down to our under wear and crossed bear feet so our boots and pant stayed dry and the second time.(it was snowing and ice cold mountain water we were soaked from the brush, so we just went boots and all) it was great!! 
In the picture where you can see the highest relatively small one the mountain takes a hard left so there were many more water falls there and most of the hiking was done there it took us by surprise to see the other ones. 
We saw a couple moose and never had to use our grizzle bear spray, a win all around. 
We left with this, ''Northern Idaho is sure pretty when you drive though it but its freaking amazing when you experience it and hike all through out it!!''

Elder Lyden and Elder Padilla didn't want to attend because it was to snowy and cold so lucky me, Elder Orchard went with and it was the two of us!   They stayed in the apartment and played games. LAME! We had fun and to calm all of you fears we had no really scary moments like mentioned by "Jeffery R Holland" in conference ... we had similar ones but nothing bad even closely happened be cause of the rope .. #weweresafe 

Love you all Elder Joshua Braman

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