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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18th, 2013

 My companion and I at the temple.
  Me doing "the Mullen".  It's what our mission president (President Mullen) does while he talks. 
 He talks with his hands, a lot!

 Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen!
Well well look who is writing a email finally! 
Ya its been a while but I assumed you all could make it a week or so with out hearing from my beautiful face, ya see.  
A lot has changed, we got our bathroom remodeled.  We did most of the work on a p-day (last week) and we finished some of it up on some free time.  We get to eat at the restaurant for free because we did their work for them so we get paid in food!  Yaaaay!! :) 
We were up in Canada recently and I must say it didn't feel different.  The people were normal it seems but they had some pretty darn good candy bars! My favorite were the "Mr Big" and the "Wonder Bar" ... man them suckers were so good!  We also had a few lessons up there and some street contacts all in all the exchange went good.  A Canadian even commented on my accent and said "Hmmm where are you from??"
We went to the temple, that's always a good experience. We got to see a ton of missionary there while we were in the valley, always nice to see old district and zone member's. 
We had some very good lessons this week with investigators and non members. 
Man this is hard I usually have a list of things to tell all you beautiful people of what happen during the week but like an idiot i didn't keep one this week!!
But with only two weeks until the end of the transfer I am hoping I get to stay here in Republic.  I love this place.  I have loved all the places I have served  but I hope I stay here mainly becasue I am sick of one and done's and just would like to stay in a area longer then six weeks and if I could pick somewhere to do that at then here wouldn't be to shabby.
All in all I am doing great, loving it and happy!!!

Until next week,  
God Bless! 
Love Elder Joshua Braman  

 These pictures were taken a couple of week ago but thought I'd include them as well for posterity sake. 

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