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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28th, 2013

Let me start off telling you some important stuff.
Only in Republic WA 
--People where boots Carhartt's and a white shirt and tie to church.
--The crowd looks more like a group of Loggers or people at a Farmers Association meeting. 
--They use first names rather than brother or sister, that's my favorite so far. 
-- Where in the church parking lot there are more trucks than mini vans.
A week in Republic.  So far its been amazing!  Good scenery, good people. We've done a lot a service and we have stayed somewhat busy ... not as busy as I was in Spokane Valley but still pretty dang busy. 

My companion is Elder Saunders he is from Palmer, Alaska.   Our first conversation blew my mind.  I gave him a hug, introduced myself and asked him where he was from.  He goes on to tell me and I ask if he hunted, fished, snowmobiled, ice fished, had wild bonfires, liked guns, or the opposite gender.... or eating steak or hiking .... and this is where i got desperate then i asked if he liked the out doors or cows or any animal... or if he liked sports... to which all of them he answered with a big fat "Nope".  
But, he does like Pokemon ...
So as you can tell the things he does like are none of what I like but oh well, right?  Although I must say the kid does work and he is not afraid to talk to people so those things are a huge benefit, especially when you're training. Don't worry though i love the kid even know he is messy.
Well on that note I will complain about one thing but before I do I will tell you I already got over it so again don't worry I am mentally normal. 

The first thing I said when I got into my new apartment was '' yup this ain't gonna fly. This place is freaking gross and it's a mess"  So for the first hour and a half I cleaned all the crap out of there like tons and tons of junk, garbage, clutter and just plain old JUNK . Four full garbage bags of crap then I spent the next couple lunch/dinner hours giving the place and ol' fashion thrashin!!!
Gave it the Reimer/Braman cleaning the way my mom taught me!  Now about 70 Gallons of elbow grease later the place looks good and I actually feel comfortable living in it and would even eat something that's been in the microwave.  Yeah.
Republic is on a scenic byway so its prettier than heck up here.  The town is also conveniently placed on the side of a mountain so that makes biking great.   The view I wake up to is amazing so I really don't have much to complain about I have include some picture so you can see what it looks like up here.
Sunday there was 63 people at church, its a small branch.. the bright side is there was only 63 peoples names to memorize and the down side is less member work and very few dinners but the bright side of that is I wont get fat.  The branch is a family and there all good people and very tight knit and they are good ol' country folk.  I have also included  some pictures of a service project we did swapping motors in a 97 grand am .. it was fun and a new experience for me. 

I had another neat experience you might say... I got pulled over going 55 in a 25.  In my defense I was over a mile from the school and the 55 mph sign was nonexistent so I didn't know the school zone kept going after the national forest started.  I told the cop that and he understood so I just got a warning .  Whew!

Well kids gotta run but I hope ya'll have a good week.  
I venture to say I will have another good week!  
I love you all and miss ya tons!!

Enjoy the pics and god bless ........ that was cheesy 
Anywho, later!

Love Elder Braman 

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