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Monday, December 9, 2013

December 9th, 2013

Story behind this picture, He said he had a fake mustache, but it fell off right when they took this.... he made a store run today and decided he needed to buy a cowboy hat.. why? because why not..?

Classic Josh

"Snowy mountain, just a mountain , with sexy snow on it"

Sunrise at Sherman pass at 6 in the morning.

Enough Ties? 

"Hello? Hey, hello?  Hello, is any one there?  Hello. Hello. HELLO?!  Holy cow, I hate this phone!!"  That has been me all week our phone is being so dumb!   It makes me angry and I want to throw it on the ground!   And not to be a weenie but because of that stupid phone we can't call people and set up appointments which saves the limited miles so now we are reduced to drop-bys and using the churches phone.  All in all that led to a slower week, don't get me wrong we still had a great week.  We did a lot of service, split wood for a guy who lived in a small cabin up on Sherman mountain and it was sweet looking and bone chilling cold so i am nice and at home.  We have done a lot of service shoveling snow and we even moved somebodies whole house.  Literally we pulled it with a truck down the road.  Actually it was a camper, either which way we had good times and such. 

Its pretty cold down here in the Valley, its been in the negatives and when we go up in to the mountains it hits down in the -20's and -30's so that's always fun and cold!

Well not to much today sorry girls and boys but I will get a better one next week.

 Enjoy the pics! 

Love Elder Josharina Braman 

*that last part... that's all him.  :) 

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  1. "Snowy mountain, just a mountain , with sexy snow on it"

    Cracks me up!

    Also that is one handsome boy.. cowboy hat and all!