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Monday, December 16, 2013

December 16th, 2013

Well had way good week, it was faster than last week and our next week is booked and seems to hopefully stay that way.  Its interesting, at that point were you think its all going down hill that is when you gotta just put your nose down and bust your hump and just go call every person, drop by start doing and stop thinking about how. I guess that's what I have noticed in missionary work, it is a lot of planning but more so doing, pretty much just like real life.

This week we did some service and a lot of sharing of the Christmas story with random people and tying it in to the atonement! Its worked pretty well, we have picked up a few new investigators and had a lot of good positive gospel conversations with people so if all were doing is planting seed then great, I am perfectly happy with that. 

Speaking of planting seeds, one of my investigators from my first area that we found and started teaching got baptized on Saturday.  She called me and said,  ''Mr Minnesota, guess what I am finally making that promise and cant wait to receive blessings!''  It was great to talk to her and listen to all the experiences shes had since I first met her. 

 This week we also butchered sheep.  Gutted, skinned, and halved with a saws-all and are letting them hang till this Thursday when we will go and package them up.  It was nice to do something that was normal and fun. 

Well by know most of you know I got staples and stitches, it was a fun experience it doesn't hurt or bleed much, healing up just fine!!  I think the dumbest part is for some one who can barely touch his toes it sucks to put socks on with out bending your knee!   On the bright side I can now touch my toes with ease.
With 9 days till Christmas I cant wait to talk to my family and friends and see their cute little homes and stare them right in  the eyeballs and say hi and tell them about stuff and that I love there faces.
Hopefully you all get the chance to call up or visit someone and share Christ's love with them whcih brings me to my challenge for you all!!!!   Dun Dun Dun!!  
I challenge you all  to at some point go to someone who needs the Gospel more frequently in there life and share your favorite Christmas Story.  Then tie it in to the true meaning of Christmas AND  last but not least tie it to the  Atonement and the love that God has for each and every one of us!!!  Keep the Gospel conversation going ask them what means the most to them what there hopes and dreams are and I know and promise something they say will highlight a Gospel  principal  which you can invite them to learn more about through the missionaries and dinner!!   let me know of any cool experiences and also it doesn't hurt to pray for them before hand.  Go get'em you crazy little missionaries!   And have fun doing it, too!
Well kids love ya'll.  Have a good week stay safe and remember Jesus loves you !!!

And in those hard times and such we can always pray for comfort strength and healing.  After all, He knows all and He knows what were going through and he knows exactly how to help us. Go right ahead and use those knees of yours nobody's stopping you but Satan.

Miss you all very much and hope you have a good holiday season.
Merry CHRISTmas!! 
Love Elder Braman   

 I fell on the ice while doing some service and hit a rock.  Cut my knee right open to the bone!
 Had stitches and staples. 
This picture shows when he hit a nerve! 

 Baaa!  Baaa! 

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