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Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th, 2014

Attention people who adore me and love me!  Glad to see your all taking time out of your day to acknowledge me and my presence in writing form. I will start by saying hello and end this most likely saying goodbye in some form.  In the middle of my email I shall inform you of my week!  Now we all know the plan let us begin.  

To whom it may concern, 
Hello and welcome to this letter.  This week was great we went to the temple and had Zone meeting and interviews with President, three of the days this week were all driving and all sitting but we did have a jam packed rest of the week.  All of our investigators are doing good, some better than others but still good! Church was good and I learned a lot there. I think I actually got my call to the coast of WA because its like none stopped rained for the last couple days which is nice, but bad at the same time!  I got my hair cut today . Emma and the rest of my sisters would be proud, I actually cut it different lengths. instead of all one half inch on the top and one fourth on the sides.  Almost over an inch on top was taken off which is like a huge deal because I HATE my hair long!
You might ask yourself why did Elder Braman just tell me about his hair?  He could have just told me about a spiritual experience or something like that. That is because last week was a blur, time is getting faster and faster and when I sit here its like the hardest thing to remember details of my week!  Good thing I write in my journal every night, eh?   
All in all we had a great week and looking forward to this up coming week. I hope you all have a great week!
Love you all tons & take care!

Elder Joshua Braman

 Josh just hanging out with his new friends. 

 Climbing a 50 foot tree house

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