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Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8th, 2013

Hello all who love and adore me!!!!!
 So I have been out a month its going good. It was super hot but thankfully its cooled down a bit. The work is going good ... actually great!  We have a baptism this Saturday at 2 his name is Dutch and his wife is a member,  he's 75 and such a nice man.  His wife is so happy he is finally making the decision to be baptized as he has come to church every Sunday since they have been married and finally he is ready . We are so exited about it.   We have another baptism on the 20th so that's our big happenings for July. We hope to have 3 baptisms for August. Any who glad to hear from every one who has written, I love hearing about the things that are happening in real life. The time hear has been flying by, I guess that's what happens when your busy with the Lords work. Seriously though its crazy to see how people live with out the Lord in their life and how much of a change it can make.
I am doing good and my companion is good.  This week flew by .... never mind this month flew by!  It seriously feels like it's only been a week when doing the Lords work!

 I am running short on time but i love you all and think about and pray for ya, GOD BLESS.   

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