Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29th, 2013

Hello everyone
Well transfers came and went!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I am staying and my companion is leaving he is going to Spokane Proper which is down town Spokane ( the big city) which is some what good and some what bad but I wont get in to those details but I will miss him. My new companion will be Elder Church ...weird eh church as a last name I haven't met him yet but I will tomorrow at 3 pm. 
Elder Church and I will be serving in the Sullivan Ward  (they split Liberty lake and Sullivan wards so now we only cover one ward) and we will be an all bike area :( sad day tomorrow when i have to say good bye to the car but i will get over it). On the bright side I will burning those calories that would have gone to my love handles so that will be neat! On the other positive side its supposed to cool off a bit! btw its been crazy hot so I have had a good relationship with the highest setting of the air conditioner on the house and car!!
Seeing as one of the baptisms we had was in Sullivan and we spent most of our time in the Liberty lake Ward last transfer( because it was a bigger area) we only have 2  investigators in Sullivan right now so the next few days and maybe weeks will be finding, knocking doors and encouraging members to invite their friends !! so cant wait for that..
I have been out for two months now which is super crazy .... it seems like maybe a 2 weeks!!!

High school teachers would always kill my last name and I never thought much of it! Holy Cow though I don't know if its just these Washington people or just people in general but every one butchers my last name.  It's not even a hard last name I mean come on how do ya get BraHam out of Braman... I mean I get how people call me BRAman but i have been getting Bremer and Bremen and some other ones I don't even know how to type or pronounce ...... it was so bad the bishop had me come up and speak and he asked me how to say it correctly I told him and he still got it wrong and as I was introducing my self I clarified..... like a lot and after that people still get it wrong. 
But their children of God and I love them :)

Well hopefully I will have some neat experinces for yall next week. All in all I am doing good. 
Thanks for all the letters and emails its always nice to hear from people
Enjoy your week and take it easy, your all in my thoughts and prayers
God Bless. 

   Love Elder Braman

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