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Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014

Well its been two weeks since I have written so I have a lot to say but only a little time to do it so this will be more jam packed with info and not as many details. 

Last p-day we went hiking up in Canada to Cascade Falls to watch the spring run off, it was pretty sweet. On the way back we saw a herd of rams and mountain goats/sheep! We saw two of them head butt, it was really neat.

On Wednesday we had district meeting on top of a mountain!  I tied a bunch of primary chairs on my back and we all hiked up there and on the way up we had questions we had to answer, you could only take steps higher if you got them right!  And once we got up there we role played some lessons, did some training and learned some neat stuff! Best district meeting ever!!
We had some great lessons this week and found a few new investigators.  Our less active work has slowed down a bit...people and there agency, I tell ya.....  Our four solid progressing investigators are doing good . One doesn't  think he needs to be baptized and the other doesn't like this branch and wont be baptized into it but is waiting to be baptized when he moves (in two months).  The other is going slow and steady and will eventually be baptized.  The last has been ''baptized '' into another church and wants to just be a Mormon and not be baptized again, it's an odd situation but they're all doing good and coming closer and closer to there savior each day and that's all that really matters in the end right? 

Well I am out of time, take care have a good week!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do! 

Love you all Elder Braman 
 This mountain is out side of Republic and apparently that is where a lot of Indians were buried. 

 The rams we saw while we were in Cascade Falls in Canada.
Me with a chair back pack, we needed chairs for district meeting.
 The best district meeting ever on top of Morning Rock!!  

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