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Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

Happy March! 

This week was a great week,  we drove many miles in these last few days  for a few reasons.
One we both are sick and nobody wants to meet with us because of that. Instead we drove around to all the people who don't answer their phones and we knocked on their doors and tried to meet with them. Other reasons we drove a lot is because I let Padilla do all the planning since we had more miles this month and we drove to one place back to another right by the place we just were and well, Padilla is a work in progress!

On one of these excursions we were driving to contact a referral and on the way we were going around a sharp corner and there was ice and we already were slowing down, like 20 mph and then, boom!  Right there in the road was a rock the size of a watermelon and we had no choice but to hit it and then we had a flat.  I made Elder Padilla change it since he had never changed a flat tire.

All in all this week was fun we deep cleaned the apartment because we were sick we had to stay in the apartment, that only lasted for a few hours. We also did a few service projects and lets face it, since when has splitting wood not been fun?   Those are some things that made this week great 

Announcement!  As you know today's date is March Third ...  so that being said if you don't know today March 3rd  is Ms Toria Bigham's birthday, 19 whole years ago her cute little dome piece took her first breath on this earth! So shout out to her.... Happy Birthday Chief! So if you all want flood her phone or facebook. Go ahead and do such a thing ...

This week we also had a few good lessons with our investigators and less actives. A couple more good lessons and such with one of our investigators and I think he will pick a date for baptism.   It's winter time so any bit of snow is an excuse for people not to come to church so there are good Sundays and bad ones and by bad ones I mean slow where only 40 people come to church .... 

Today i have been out 9 months exactly which is crazy! Time flies when your having fun right? 
Thanks for all the emails and letters, I always enjoy hearing from all of you. 
Have a great week and stay safe. 
Love Elder Joshua Braman 

 Our Jeep with the flat tire.

 I turned the lights on at like 2 am and this is how my companion was sleeping hahaha!
We came upon this little guy. Who doesn't want to build a snow man in the middle of a lake?

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