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Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31st, 2014

Well, one week until transfers! I am hoping to stay but doubt I will since I have been here for so long. We had a good week filled with a lot of appointments and a lot of service.  We did a total of 24 hours of service in one week! 

We had a district meeting at Cascade Falls and a taught an investigator lesson in a barn... literately a barn, not a shed.  It was great, manure everywhere and everything. Now one may ask why the heck was it in a barn?  We went over to teach him and he had to run out to do chores quick and so we helped him.  While we were working I asked what his hold ups were, what was slowing his progress from coming closer to Christ? He paused and said a weird thing.  He said, ''I feel like I cant be a normal person and a Mormon at the same time"  I asked how so and he said, "No Mountain Dew and no tv".  My reaction was of course a snicker and an odd look but we taught him how it actually is. He thought because we as missionaries cant watch tv and because I don't drink Mtn Dew, that he couldn't do those things either.  But it lead me to a train of thought, in all reality being a follower of Christ is normal and doing those things makes us feel normal because its what he did and that is the example he set.  When we follow his teachings and example we receive blessings which make us feel happy which in turn gives us that normal feel, HAPPY!

I have for sure only one week left in Republic for sure so next week you could get pictures of me with people saying good-bye. All in all I've had a good week this week and we have a great week planned this coming week! 
Take care! 
Miss and love you all!! 

Love Elder Braman 

 Snow pictures from my favorite road to drive .. Good old Trout Creek 
 Pretty sweet looking tundra stuff  
 Big water balloon we chucked off this bridge into the river below. 
This bridge is where we chucked it off of 
a very Minni .......Minni Cooper 

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