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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Letter from Mindy Reimer, October 2nd, 2014

As some of you know, Josh has cousins (Brad & Mindy Reimer) that live in Spokane.  Last year he was able to be there at their house on his birthday and this year he was lucky enough to be there again!  This is not very common to be so close to family on a mission nor is it common that missionaries would be serving near or in their ward.  Grandpa Bob & Grandma Dee must be having so much fun organizing this whole thing together! ;)   Mindy (our cousin) was able to go to a home of a little girl that was being taught, Mindy was there as a leader and she was able to serve along side of Josh.  She wrote this and sent it to our family about her expeirence.  Josh isn't good with all the details and certainlly not with names and the specifics of those he is teaching.  It was fun to read this, being able to picture Josh in this home teaching this little girl.  Good thing he has had so much expeirence with all the kids in his life!  I am sure the kids just love and adore Josh, I know mine do!  

Oh!  How sweet is this…to get a front row seat on Josh’s mission!!!

As Brad told you, I was able to visit a little girl in Elder Braman’s ward along with the Primary president.  We were able to sit in on her last lesson with the missionaries. 
Peighton just turned eight years old.  Her family has just recently returned to church activity largely due to efforts by Elder Braman and his companions.  Her mom wanted her to have lessons with the missionaries to be sure that she understands the covenants she will be making at baptism.  This lesson was on the Word of Wisdom.  Elder Braman and Elder Toner took turns sharing parts from the lesson.  At one point, Elder Braman got up, went and sat on the floor in front of Peighton, and talked personally with her about the pictures and words in the booklet they were using to teach her.  It was so like the Savior to me!
During the missionary lessons and other times with the family, you can see how much they have grown to love the missionaries.  Peighton’s dad has been baptized, but has not been active very much since his baptism.  He was not at the home last night, and so efforts for him were discussed.  As Elder Braman shared some inspiration to stop by and visit with just the father, Peighton’s mom said, “Because it is you, I really think that would work.”  Several times she expressed how much their family loves Elder Braman.  How down to earth, “real,” and unassuming he is.  How comfortable they all feel with him.  How much they feel loved by him no matter what.  The primary president in the ward shared what great work he has done for their ward.  Now , of course, they all know he is my cousin.  But I want you to know how genuine these feelings are.  They love him.  They are grateful for him.  He makes them laugh.  He brings the Spirit of love into their home and ward.   
The family’s last name is Peterson.  I know how much we love to pray for specific people that Jordan is teaching…now (if you didn’t already know) you can pray for them J

As I was reflecting on my visit last night, I was so grateful to see that the unconditional love that Grandma Dee and Grandpa Bob have for others, emanates through their grandson.   He loves people as they are and makes them feel special and loved.  Isn’t that a trait we all love about Grandma and Grandpa. 
I gave him a hug as they left last night.  I meant it from all of you.  I now know what it is like to miss hugging a son.  How grateful I am to have had this opportunity to serve alongside Elder Braman. 
Love you all!

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