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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Septmeber 29th, 2014

 Well transfers came and went and this little missionary is VERY, VERY HAPPY with them!!
 My new companion is Elder Toner (like the printer toner) fresh out of the MTC and he loves to work!  He's a great teacher and he is a funny guy. He is from East Amherst, New York and he is a nice lady.  We get along great and not to mention the best part is not only does he do missionary work but he loves it, too! And I like that. 

We had an awesome week,  37 none member lessons and 20 less active lessons! We found 12 new investigators. have lessons planned with 8 of them and have already met with 4 and those 4 are awesome!  I just love missionary work!!! 

I would love to sit here and tell you of every single miracle and tender mercy that the Lord blessed us with but that would be hard to do and take forever.  I do know though that prayer is an amazing thing and if we rely on the Lord to put someone who is ready to hear the gospel and we have faith he will do all things!  Its simple and its complex, but I know if we pray for things, have a hope that they will happen, and keep walking in faith the Lord will provide. That is my testimony for this week.
Thanks for all the Birthday wishes!!  I had a great birthday!!  I had cake, I got a present and a awesome companion so I cant complain! The big 21 passed by like a normal but great day as a missionary, BEST BIRTHDAY!! I hope you all have a great week!!
Love You All!!!

Take care and keep wearing out those knees!!

 Love Elder Joshua Braman 

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