Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

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Monday, January 5, 2015

January 6th, 2015

Hello people I never email :/ that's my bad but I am doing it now and I have a lot to cover so it will be fast and wild a little bit of ADD in there as well... shocking, eh?

Christmas here in Washington Spokane was sadly a brown one and there wasn't much  to write home about weather wise that week so sometimes I feel like Christmas never happened.  This week it snowed about 6 inches but as I type it is melting, dumb.  City life... Christmas was great, we had a eventful morning between Elder Li face timing  to China at 5 in the morning, two breakfast's and the my highlight was talking to my family!! That was the best ever. It was good to talk to them but really weird because the next and last time I Skype with them I will be seeing them in a couple weeks later which will be weird.  

After Christmas was good still working hard and then to news years and we watched THE BEST TWO YEARS it was good just felt bad to sit for that long, I like to stay busy doing missionary work! 
We ate a bunch of dang good food n then went home.  But the next morning I was sick, I thew up until my little stomach almost died, and then I was fine. And then I got a really bad case of strep throat and it swelled really bad and was having trouble breathing.  I went to the ER and they doctored me up and the next morning  back to work and loving life!  I am doing better now still a sore throat and headache but that will go away eventually, eh?   

Those are my highlights for the last few weeks, its been fun and its been some wild missionary work but it is going well!  We are having a lot of successes and we are working hard and loving it!  Our minivan's horn broke and sounds funny, ads some humor to our days!  
Elder Li and I are doing well, the language barrier is still weird but I just put my nose down and keep going and he will follow and learn the language. He is doing better and better each day, this week he learned compaction and compassion.. those to words sounded the same to him but are definitely not!  

I hope you all have a great week!!  
Love You All!!!

 Elder Joshua Braman 

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