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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 2nd, 2015

One knows they are in Northern Idaho when at testimony meeting when a man stands up and says, "I'd like to say a few words about chickens..."  Also, when did everybody start hating Mormon? 

Transfers were last week and I am now living in Post Falls, Idaho and we live on a freaking golf course!!  It's a hoopty golf course in fact!! Like, over the top fancy!!!

The work is going well we are in a finding mode, nothing but trying to find new investigators.  This area is new & hasn't had missionaries in it for a long time so its been fun to start from scratch and meet TONS of new people. Miracles are every where and its strengthened my testimony a great deal.

My companions name is Elder Haws from Provo, Utah  He is weird its a good weird..like me.. we work very hard and teach really well with each other (at least we think we do) but we have way too much fun together. And he talks in lessons!!  That's kinda a new thing for me, the last couple of my companions didn't talk much. 

Our ward is interesting. Lets put it that way... maybe it is just me or the fact that I just came from a ward that understands missionary work and the auxiliaries all worked together with the bishop, or maybe its just the bishop here, but either way the work is moving forward and each area is hastening in there own different ways. 

Hope you're all still alive and kickin... thanks to my sister Lauren keeping count I only have 119 days left... no worries though I am still going strong and working my tail off.  I'm not planning on slowing down until I'm done here. 

Love Elder Joshua Braman ...     
or as my other tag says Brayman (I was just tired of people of getting my name wrong :) 

PS. I am fat, 220...... not cool!!!!  Don't worry mom, I'm being well fed here! 

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