Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

Elder Braman won't be able to view this page, if you have questions or comments or want to update him please email or write him as that is the best way to stay in contact with him. This is simply an online journal we have set up to share with all those that love & adore Joshua. When he comes home from his mission we will make this into a book for him.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 17th, 2015

Okay people gather around and put your reading glasses on...

And, begin.

1. We biked from Post Falls, ID to Coeur d'Alene, ID.  It was nuts!! 
2. I jumped a huge jump on my bike and ate dirt. HARD. 
3. We have plans to bike to 'MLC' a missionary meeting in Washington Spokane, it's 25 miles  and it is going to be sweet! 
4.  We met some sweet people..like a lot. 
5.  We got dumped, dropped, and screamed at and then the next day the lady that screamed at us gave us cookies, and we ate them! I don't quite know why because they could have been poisoned but that was an after thought.  Whoops! 
6.  I took a lot of pictures. You are welcome.  
7.  I got my trunkies (i.e the papers that tell me i am going home and when i leave .. June 1st  no surprise there)
8. We had Stake Conference and there were a lot of really great talks and some answers to my prayers.  
We had a great last two weeks and are having fun and working hard and loving the work. I hope you all have a great week and keep it real. Wear out those knees, work hard and pray your brains out. 

Love Elder Joshua Braman 

 Just a normal picture of me at the city park. 

My companion and I competing at a bike fight. A bike fight is where two people go head to head and battle it out on a stationary bike for 60 seconds and see who can peddle the longest distance.

 On someones door.  I added my special touch.

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