Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

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Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5th, 2013

A picture of the area Josh is serving in.  

Hello family friends and people I know and love!
I have learned a neat and valuable lesson in the past 6 weeks and that is having a good positive outlook on hard situations makes the hard situations easier to deal with.  I have learned the value of staying positive. I usually am a positive person but some times it's hard to stay positive while looking in to the future ... but I learned the value of this lesson during the last week and urge you all to stay positive. Have an eternal perspective on things. Just know that whatever is happening it is only a couple days or maybe a month .. now that may seem long now but if you look at it compared to a life time a month is nothing and if you look at a life time compared to a eternity...then that really puts a month in to perspective. 
When you are feeling down or like the whole world is against you just remember that it will be short lived. And that whatever problem we face no matter how big or small we can  always pray to our Heavenly Father and seek guidance and help. He loves us so he sent his son here to this earth to atone for our sins and he did that because he loves us and he wanted to provide a way back to heaven for us. He is our Loving Heavenly Father and he listens to our prayers and he loves each and every one of us and through his strength he can guide us and help us through those bad days that we all have 

Overall its been a good 2  months and so far and I am looking forward to the next 22 months. 
I am in an all bike area, a very hilly bike area, not a good combo but its good exercise and the members here are great.  Speaking of bikes this week was great.  I got two flat tires in two days and I am not an expert at patching holes and changing tubes.  One of those flat happened when we were biking down a huge hill we were flying, felt like we were going mock ten. Then a staple decided to jump out of no where and flatten my tire so I grabbed my brakes and held on for dear life.  All the crazy stuff I did before my mission payed off because somehow I managed to stay up right and alive ( that's my crazy story for the week) and biking in the rain is the best ... something you all should do at least once in your life 

I am doing good all in all  my companion is good, he's not a loser.  Area is small but good people 
I hope ya'll have a good week enjoy summer and brat season !!
 Stay safe & God Bless!
           Love Elder Braman 

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