Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

August 12th, 2013

Hello every one!
We had a neat week everything to thunder storms to seeing my uncle Todd drive by to S.W.A.T teams outside of our apartment.  Sounds pretty crazy, eh?
 First one was cool and the storms kept us up like all night ... reminded me of those good ol' Minnesota thunderstorms
Second one we were walking down Fourth street towards the zip trip on 4th and Sullivan and we saw Uncle Todd drive by.  I waved he drove away haha it was good to see him though ... btw I am 98% sure it was him...
Third thing so long to the short, a guy hit and killed a 18 year old and ran away to his apartment which happens to be in our apartments.  We got home from a teaching appointment and there was a bazillion
cops every where, they wouldn't let us in our apartment so we stood outside  forever and eventually they did there work and caught him but it was pretty cool to see swat blow off his door (its been along time since I have heard explosives go off so that was pretty neat).  Don't worry, we were safe but we still could see everything so it was cool.  Probably should tell ya'll this seeming as my mom reads these, I was safe and still am so not to worry!

We all got a side bag and pretty sure I look weird with it but rules are rules!

On a spiritual note we had a great week picked up another investigator named Kim so now we have two Kim's investigating We  left a chapter with Kim number one to read she read it like 8 times she said it was 2 Nephi  Chapter 31.  We followed up yesterday and asked her what she thought about the chapter, we talked for a bit on it explained it in more detail and invited her to be baptized.  She hasn't picked a date quite yet but it was good to finally have a good lesson with her. 
Other than that we have been doing a lot of finding/tracting its been fun but I'd much rather be teaching. 
It's been a good week, we have had fun and had some more biking in the rain!
Doing great and loving the work miss you all!
God Bless!
Love Elder Braman 
 SWAT guys going in for the take down

 This food is all from a member.  She just hooked us up, it was sweet! ( shes a super coupon-er)
My companion and I made these sweet looking pretzels! 

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