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Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16th, 2013

Elder Wallis & Elder Braman
Josh was just made a District Leader, he is over several other groups of missionaries in his area.  
His companion is a new to the mission and Josh is training him which he has never done before. 
They are also in a new area, new to both of them.  They don't know anyone or the area at all. 
All in all, Josh has a lot of new things to learn & a lot more responsibilities! 

Well first whole week in the anew area!  Overwhelming.   Kinda not really.   Busy? TOTALLY!!
 I have never filled my planner with so many address's and names.  We have learned much and by much I mean a lot like where people live how to get around the ward boundaries  but there's still lots we need to learn spiritually and mentally.

Okay spiritual time now. 
This week I have had to rely on the lord more than ever . More times than I would like to admit I have found my self feeling overwhelmed and you could put in better terms as "stress" but the beauty of the Atonement is that the Lord can strengthen us and lift us up if we rely on him and have faith that he will. I find myself having to take a deep breath and just pause and ask for strength. It's been great though, we had more street contacts and we've met more people ready for the gospel as we rely on the Lord and not on our own wits. we are nothing mere tools in the Lords hands so we need to stop trying to control this ride and let him take over and run the show.  I think that Carry Underwood says it best when she says "Jesus Take The Wheel".  I tell ya what that's no joke ya see, because I've noticed the more I use that theory the better the work goes.   Well kids that's the lesson I have learned this week hope you got something out of it,  if not then at least you got to listen to me ramble on .......... 

I only had two crashes this week the first was totally me being me .. stupid ..... any how my last word were "dude watch I'm gonna take this corner with out hands" (btw i did it like 9 times successfully) the next thing that happened was my noggin eating pavement and my back tire was sky high but all is fine and no major injury's.  

Second crash.  Well a miss placed telephone pole on the edge of the side walk jumped out and bit the edge of my handle bar and I was then laid out in some nicely manicured lawn. Still some how I walked away injury free.  Yay! 

Well, I am an old man now .. almost 20... jeepers!!   I feel so old just thinking about it. 
I had a good week and hopefully I will have another one!
Thanks for all the letters and emails, love them! 
Have a good week!
 Miss ya'll, love ya!

God Bless!
 Elder Braman  

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