Washington Spokane Mission - June 2013-2015

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Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7th, 2013

 Well its been a great week !!!!!!!  I loved it!  We had a super busy week, I have said that before and we were busy then but this week like eight times that of the past. I have eaten food but I don't remember eating any lunches and very few dinners but that's alright.  Anywho.. its been great and I love the work. Its finally cooling down here in the 50's and 40's so its the best for just the t shirt its nice to not be hot and gross all the time.  Cant wait for a so-called winter here in Spokane!!

This week some of the people we taught were a family. Its great to watch them progress and learn about the gospel. Had a great lesson and then have another one tonight with them.  The new Companion is great good guy from Highland, UT.   The kid works hard and its been nice to have a companion that gives a rip and that I don't have to boss around or encourage to hurry up or get to work.   I love it and am sad at the same time cuz this transfer/exchange is only going last three weeks.  

I am having a blast and I am so glad I was pushed with love to serve a mission, its been great. I have learned so much and enjoyed the heck out of it. I do however miss you all and love you all and wish that you could be here experiencing this with me.  I have loved it so far and am looking forward to the next year and a half!! 

We helped the community library set up for a book sale this week and we moved literally thousands of books and then I swear we moved some more!  Long to the short, after a few gospel conversations and a good amount of donuts and hot coco they told us we could take any books we wanted so we went to the religion section and took all the anti-mormon books and burned them and dropped off ten Book of Mormon's!!

Well, I hope ya'll have a good week!
Love ya all, miss ya, take it easy and stay safe! 

God Bless!
Elder Braman

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