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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May 5th, 2014

Dear family, friends, freaks, fellow Americans and foreigners alike.
To my sisters, my parents, ward members, creepy stalker people, and associates, and lovers, and those people I just talk to but have no real connection with. To all of them, and you other people left over, I say hello!!

This week was Fast Sunday, we had some really neat and really great testimonies.  A brother in the ward stood up and told me I was next to bear mine after him, I was surprised but hey I didn't argue. All week I had been thinking about perspective and how many people are different.  I have also been thinking about agency (the power to choose) and how we use our agency and the effects it has on others. Obviously none of us try to negatively effect others but sometimes, due to our different perspectives, we might actually damage someone.  So how does one solve this conflict to know if, what, and how they are doing things the right way?  President Thomas S Monson said,  ''When God speaks and man obeys that man will never be wrong ''.  Pretty freaking cool!   So, we never have to worry if what we are doing is right as long as we follow Gods commandments.  Our perspectives? Well we wont have to worry about them because if we keep them at an eternal perspective then it will be easier to follow Fathers commandments. 
Had a great week loving the mission, still wild and crazy this week!  We had a drunk guy smell our ties!! Haha, it was so funny!!!!

Anywho, this was kinda short, I can't think of to much more right now. 
 Take care have a great week! 
God Bless!! 

Elder Braman 
   I made some home made from scratch, not a precooked bag  chicken wild rice "stuff".
 Super good and thick as mud! 
 View of the Colombian River from a high place, the water level is low   
 I think I was dancing at this point..
 Hahahah not what ya think..
Yes, snow on top of Sherman Pass, in May!

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