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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 14th, 2014

Ladies and Gents,  
I have slacked the last two weeks, so today I shall start off with what I thought to be my last week in Republic. With transfers coming up we made a last ditch effort to see all the people and say hi and bye, I have been in Republic for 6 months now and was sure I was leaving which I was slightly okay with but in all reality I really wanted to stay.  The week went way to fast with General Conference two of our days plus a Zone Conference taking up another day, we had a mad dash to see every one.  We used the ''I could be leaving'' trick to help us get in to doors. We had great lessons and most of all of our Investigators, as we observed, have been doing well and progressing and as they say "feeling good" (Spirit ) so really no complaints!  Well minor ones but I shall not be picky as the 11th commandments says!   End of the Week started with General Conference and holy cow talk about amazing!!  There was some great talks given some of my favorites....      

Saturday Sessions 
 The Cost and Blessings of Discipleship by Jeffery R Holland. 
Spiritual Whirlwinds  by Neil L Anderson. 
Let Your Faith Show by Russell M Nelson 
What are You Thinking?  by W. Craig Zwick  
Priesthood Session
The Keys and Authorities of The Priesthood by Dallin H Oaks
Are You Sleeping Through The Restoration By Dieter F Uchtdorf
The Priesthood Man  by Henry B Eyring
BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE  by Thomas S Monson---way good :) 
Sunday Sessions
Grateful in Any Circumstances  by Dieter F Uchtdorf
Fear Not  I Am With Thee by Jean A Stevens
Your Four Minutes by Gary E Stevenson
Bear up Burdens With Ease  by David A Bednar
Obedience Through Faithfulness  by L. Tom Perry 

I know that is a lot of talks to like, but I really did enjoy them and learned tons. Most of those talks we have used in lessons and street contacts, along with a lot of talks from 2013 October session.  I also have downloaded twenty or so other talks from other sessions,  I cant get enough of the talks!  Another one of my favorites is "Back to Gospel Basics"  By L. Tom Perry 1993 April session 
I encourage each of you to go back and listen to a few of your personal favorites,  its a great thing and I know what your saying "I don't have time for that...." but in all reality you can listen to them while you drive and eat lunch and during down times of the day. Lets take the advice of the Prophets and Apostle's councils and use our technology for good! For a few of our investigators this has made the difference . It has helped them to feel the spirit in there day more abundantly. I know as we lend an ear to the words spoken during this Conference our life's will seem to be better and we will actually be happier. 

Now on to this last week...... Service, service, and more service!  Which was great nothing wrong with that but on top of that we had some way sweet lessons,  the kind of lessons that we walk out of and high five and feel good for the rest of the day no matter what! One of our investigators, who has been slow in progression, exploded and I know that it is because he watched Conference. He talked of baptism,  just not quite ready yet which is perfectly okay. Another we put on date for Baptism for May 3rd along with his wife which we expected but not quiet like we expected. So lesson wise, we had another great week.

That is the spiritual side of my last two weeks . Physically doing good grateful to be here in Republic to do real service and enjoying the beauty of this place!  Its not quite Gods Country like I am used to, but still pretty sweet views and great people and over all just a great place to serve!!

I hope you all have a great week!
Love you all, take care and have a great week!!

Love Elder Braman  

 Cascade Falls 
 Bad picture of me but you can at least see I am alive and kickin'
Rainbow at Cascade Falls 
The top part of Cascade Falls  

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  1. What a great l letter! And fabulous pictures! Thanks for sharing, Josh...we love you!!