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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

April 28th, 2014

Men and Women everywhere,  please stay calm, please don't be awkward and remain seated!

Okay thanks,  just wanted to vent for a second.  This week was nuts, I have had crazy weeks, great weeks and bad weeks before, but this week was insane!  Up and down, dumb and great, and all that rain and heat.  It was like the week of polar opposites.  One investigator dropped us and said some bad stuff and what not, and then showed up at church normal and invited us over on Tuesday night!  The other investigators are doing great. Our investigators who have committed to baptism are doing good and working on quitting smoking. 
We went on exchanges this week, I stayed up here and Elder Horan came up here to Republic.  It was nice to have him as a companion again and do some work together and reminisce on the good old times.  And without sounding rude, it was great to have a companion who talks during the discussions and such. We got to talk to a lot of the people who he taught when he was here a year ago that he didn't keep record of so we got a few new investigators out of that. That day we had 15 lessons which is good for anywhere but the next day everybody canceled on us so now you see the polar opposites.   
I heard a few good quotes this week and so through out the next few emails I am going to share some of them.  For today my favorite is ''When the road looks rough ahead, remember the Man Upstairs and the word Hope. Hang onto both, and tough it out ''-- John Wayne
Good advice for all of us especially in these days .
The other day we were teaching a lesson (the Restoration to be exact) to a family and as we were teaching one of the little kids came in playing with dinosaurs. We kept teaching and then boom my brain clicked and I had the little kid help me teach the lesson with dinosaurs. We taught/acted out with dinosaurs the Great Apostasy Restoration and Book of Mormon it was so sweet and actually worked and the parents and kids understood it.  At the end the little kid goes to sit down and says ''see mom that's why I brought the dinosaurs''  Hahaha, it was so cute and way funny, best lesson ever !!!!!!!! 

I hope you all got some what of a chance to look over some Conference talks. I have learned some sweet stuff and have been able to teach it and use it in a talk and a bunch of street contacts.  

Mentally doing good, spiritually great, physically good, and missionary work is going great and I am truly loving every bit of it. I hope to stay another transfer in Republic for a few reasons but most of them just because Republic is sweet. I have learned a few things about myself this week and in the past, just thought maybe some of you would want to know this but most of you I will be preaching to the choir... so here they go.  Apparently I am slightly OCD and more stubborn then I thought I was.  I hate technology, slow drivers and people who hit there breaks to slow down going UP a mountain pass.  I could go on and on but I am trying to be less selfish!  haha
Anywho kids, have a great week, put life in the high gear and give her the onions!!

Have fun keep using those knees of yours and don't forget to be thankful. 

Take care and enjoy the spring time and God Bless!  
Love to all of you, 
Your favorite missionary! 

 Pictures are from a hike we went on last p-day on a old rail line up north of Grand Forks, Canada.  The cave is the tunnel that the train went through. 

 Elder Nash and I in another cave.

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